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July 9, 2017

Black and White 35 mm film

The photographic portrait was something I explored through the use of black and white film on a Pentax K1000 35mm film camera. It was my first time shooting and developing film so everything was very alien and new to me.

My initial thoughts for a portrait based project was to explore vulnerability. Simply by just opening up to other people makes you vulnerable and in portraiture the sitter does exactly this as they share a ‘private moment’ with the camera and expose themselves just for a split second.

For my first roll of film I was mainly trying to get used to the camera and taking basic portraits of friends 


For my wider research I looked at Emmet Gowin’s work on Edith and became really interested in the intimacy and narrative he tells through his series of portraits. Although I didn’t have the same kind of time scale to take the portraits over a duration of time, I knew that I wanted to try and reflect my own personal intimacy with Harry through portraits of him.  

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